The Tournament of Roses President's Visit has been rescheduled to Friday, November 5th. Look for the updated timeline of the visit soon.

ROSE PARADE REHEARSALS IN DECEMBER 2021 - ALL of the students of the SAPPHIRE SOUND BAND & COLOR GUARD will be able to participate in this prestigious parade. We will be rehearsing throughout the winter break in December (minus Dec. 24 & 25) in preparation for our participation in the Rose Parade and other Rose Parade activities. The travel dates for the Rose Parade events are December 29 - January 1. You can view the rehearsal and trip schedule on the Google calendar.

ROSE PARADE SEATS - If you are wanting to watch the Rose Parade in person, then go to Sharp Seating and select the bleacher seat area of your choice. The parade is a long one, so there's plenty of areas to sit and enjoy the parade. There's also many areas where you can sit along the curb, so no pressure to purchase a ticket. Don't want to drive to Pasadena? Then turn on the tv and enjoy the great coverage of the Rose Parade.

ROSE PARADE PROGRAMS - Please wait to purchase your parade program. We will have them for sale at the same price, but the committee gives us a donation back for all we sell within the Sapphire Sound. We will be able to get the programs in early December in time to send them for the holidays.

ROSE PARADE FUND - There is a separate budget for the Rose Parade that has been set aside. If you would like to make a special donation towards helping us participate in the Rose Parade events and actual parade, please do so here and say โ€œRose Parade Fundโ€.